The Channel 4 Design & Innovation


(Updated on 11th Oct 2015)

Sometimes, it feels amazing that there are so many videos out there from those great minds. Some of them gave talks on TED, others did Q&A somewhere else. As a researcher myself, I have been benefited from this open access to information.

So, as a side project of my PhD journey, I decided to start this channel for Design and Innovation. It is to collect those videos from different schools of thought to picture out today’s emerging discourse around design/innovation. Of course, as a curator here, I will select them based on my experience, understanding and research. At the moment, I separate them into academics and practitioners. Under academics, there are threefold: traditional management school, new design & innovation management school (a new thread from the management school which promotes “design is changing the management.”) and design school. Then, there are practitioners, such as design and management consultants.

This list of video will be constantly updated and some comments or reflection will be added along the journey. So stay tunes and hope you enjoy these great minds.


1.Design & Innovation management school

This is a group of management scholars who has been promoting design in the management education as well as management practices. They argue that design as a unique way of knowing can be applied to businesses and organisational management.

Roger Martin on design and management education. Dean of the Rotman School of Management.

Fred Collopy on managing as designing. Vice Dean of Weatherhead school of management.

Jeame Liedtka on design culture in organisation. Darden School of Business.

Bo Clarson on the PhD programme of management at Weatherhead school of management.


Robert G Cooper about Stage-Gate innovation


2. Design school

Apart from the scholars from the management schools listed above, there are several groups of academics in design fields who also position themselves in the junction of design and management. These academics come from various design fields, such as interaction design, design management and service design. They focus their research on the expanding role of design in other fields (i.e. policy making, management, etc) and demonstrate a new way of thinking and applying design discipline in those new fields.

Richard Buchanan, the editor of Design Issue. Professor of design school in Carnegie Mellon University. Weartherhead school of management.

Daniela Sangiogi on design for citizen engagement.

Ezio Manzini on social innovation.

Sabine Junginger, Systemic Design Approaches in the Public Sector: Are we ready?  2017




3. Traditional management school

Peter Senge on system thinking.

Andrew Pettigrew, A celebration of the scholarly life and career of Andrew Pettigrew, OBE, FBA (on his life and academic career in )

4. Anthropology perspectives on innovation

Panel discussion on anthropology of innovation






Peter Coughlan from IDEO on organisation and design.

Jon Kolko, from Austin centre for design on empathy and design strategies.

Ben Terrett, head of design in GDS, UK, on public/digital transformation

David Halpern, the Behavioural Insight Team on behaviour science in public policy design.

Nesta labworks series

Christian Bason from Danish Design Centre.

Research methods

Alan Bryman, key professor in research methodologies on research methods.

His views on research methodologies education.


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