This is a video list about entrepreneurship

I’ve found watching videos are becoming more and more effective (both relaxing and insightful) way to gather information on how people talk about the subject. Many times the information is hidden in those expressions and contexts that can hardly be truly preserved or captured by a textual description. So as this blog is good for collecting those digital records as my semi public ‘book-shelf’, I am doing this again to start a list of videos in the topic of entrepreneurship/entrepreneurs.

Welcome your suggestion too. Feel free to leave comments.

Warren Buffett and Bills Gates’ talk in 1998 at Washington Business School


Jony Ive’s lessons learnt from Steve Jobs. Vanity Fair 2014

The issues of focus: it is not something you decided on Monday. If you are truly focused, there are so many things can be achieved… What focus means is to say no to the things that every bone in your body thinks it is phenomenon idea. And you wake up and think about it, and you say no to it.


How and why to start a start-up – Sam Altman & Dustin Moskovitz



BBC Secrets of Silicon Valley | Jamie Bartlett

Steve Jobs: The lost interview


The Power of Human Energy: Angela Ahrendts at TEDxHollywood



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